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Children's Dental Anesthesia in El Paso, TX

What is general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a medication induced absence of consciousness (“knocked-out”) in which the child is not arousable. This type of sedation takes place under the care of a highly trained dental anesthesiologist typically in the dental office. The anesthesiologist is separate from the dentist which allows the dentist to focus solely on the procedure.

A child undergoing general anesthesia is completely asleep (unconscious) and will feel no pain throughout the procedure. The child will also have no memory of the procedure.

Does my child need general anesthesia?

If your child has extensive treatment needs, is extremely fearful, or too young for moderate (conscious) sedation, in-office general anesthesia may be recommended in order to safely complete any necessary dental treatment. Our Children's dentists will discuss with you if this is an appropriate treatment option for your child.

How is general anesthesia administered?

Your child will breathe anesthetic gases through a mask and will quickly fall asleep. After they are asleep an IV will be inserted and anesthesia medications will be delivered through it. Your child will remain asleep until their dental treatment is completed. After the procedure you will be present with your child as they wake up.

Is general anesthesia safe?

The American Academy of Children's Dentistry and the American Dental association endorse sedation dentistry as a safe and effective option to enhance patient comfort in completing necessary dental procedures. At El Paso Dentistry 4 Kids, a board-certified dental anesthesiologist will be monitoring your child’s vital signs throughout their procedure to ensure they are safely sedated.

We offer in-office general anesthesia!

At El Paso Dentistry 4 Kids we are dedicated to helping your child maintain a healthy smile. To schedule an appointment for your child with one of our Children's dentists or to learn more about sedation dentistry, please click HERE or give us a call.

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