Dr. Perez

Dr. David Perez grew up in Northern California. He developed a sense of compassion being raised as a foster child. He went on to earn a degree in Biology. After college he joined the Armed Forces and became a Marine.

As a Marine he became committed to making a difference then made the decision to become a dentist to help make the world better one smile at a time. He went to the University of San Francisco and got his DDS in 2006.

To keep a healthy smile, Dr. Perez encourages kids to start their day with 2 minutes of brushing, skip the junk food and eat healthy snacks, then floss and brush for another 2 minutes before bed.

When away from the office, Dr. Perez enjoys outdoor activities with his wife, Diana, four kids, and the family dog, Soleil. He is an avid mountain bicyclist, hiker and runner. But he also likes to grab Diana and do some salsa dancing!

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