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Our Philosophy

At El Paso Dentistry 4 Kids, we promise to provide high-quality dental care in a fun and family-friendly environment.

We ONLY see kids.

Children's mouths are different than adults, and we are dedicated to the oral health of our patients from infancy through adolescence. Our entire office is geared toward making the experience fun and comfortable for kids, from the lobby to the treatment rooms. All of the dentists go through a rigorous in-house training program to ensure your child receives care tailored to their unique needs, rather than simply being treated as a smaller adult.


Our mission is to help your children live healthy, happy lives. Our specialized kids dentists are parents too, and treat all of our patients with the same care and compassion they would their own kids. We do everything we can to ensure your child's trip to the dentist is a positive experience.


Unlike many other dental practices, not only do we allow parents to be present with their children during their appointments, we encourage it! Parental presence can help both you and your child feel more at ease. It also provides an opportunity for you to discuss your child's oral health with our dentists and get immediate feedback and tailored recommendations.

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